Podium Photos is a collective of five photojournalists who focus on the visual storytelling of sports topics. Javid Nikpour, Farzam Saleh, Mohamad Ali Najib, Roshan Norouzi, and Ali Sharifzade are members of Podium.
Literally, a podium is a platform used to raise something to a short distance above its surroundings, e.g. the platform the conductor of an orchestra stands on. It derives from the Greek πόδι. In sports, the podium is a platform on which the medals are distributed to the top three competitors.
Podium Photos documentary approach to sports in Iran especially those sports which do not receive much attention from the journalists has made Podium Photos to be followed by a broad spectrum of athletes as well as artists.


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Javid Nikpour
Javid was born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. He started photography in 2000. He has been working with National Olympic Committee of Iran as chief editor since 2002. Javid received an Art first-grade diploma in photography issued by the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance in 2015. He was photo manager of Iranian photographers in three Olympic Games (Beijing, London and Rio) and Four Asian Games (Doha, Guangzhou, Incheon and Indonesia).
Roshan Norouzi
Education/ Master: Social communication sciences 2012 – 2015 / Faculty of Communication and Media Studies PhD: Social communication sciences 2015 – 2019 / Faculty of Communication and Media Studies. Work Experiences/ Chief Editor at IRANIMAGES photo agency – March 2016 To Current Executive Director at SHEED AWARD – November 2010 To Current.
Mohammadali Najib
Mohammadali Najib is an Iranian sport documentary photographer with the focus on social issues. in past 7 years, Najib was involved in Iranian dailies as a staff photographer and photo editor and his images have been published in various media outlets; locally and internationally.
Ali Sharifzade
Ali Sharifzade was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. He graduated of photojournalism at news university and film making at Iranian youth cinema society. He began working professionally in the Iranian press when he was 22, at Pana News Agency. His projects are about social issues and the younger generation in Iran. He has been working on stories about the sports backstage and athletes in Iran for a while. He won the Photo Festival from image of the year award in three years 2016-2018 in a row.
Farzam Saleh
Farzam was born in 1979 in Rasht, Iran. He covered sports events such as Rio Paralympic Games and Summer Universiade Games. He’s been working with Borna News Agency as chief editor since 2014.

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