Mohammadali Najib is an Iranian sport documentary photographer with the focus on social issues. in past 7 years, Najib was involved in Iranian dailies as a staff photographer and photo editor and  his images have been published in various media outlets; locally and internationally.


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Marziye Baneshi, 24 years old, poses for photographer after the rugby match between Shiraz and Tehran at Azadi Stadium on Nov 21, 2018 in Tehran, Iran.
Photo: Mohammad Ali Najib

Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest

We, hereby, proudly announce that Mohamad Ali Najib, the member of Podium Photo Group, has been nominated at Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest 2019 for a single photo from Women Rugby photography project. ما بسیار مفتخریم تا اعلام کنیم که محمد علی نجیب از اعضای گروه عکس پودیوم با تک عکسی از پروژه عکس. راگبی…