Angels of Wall 47


“We’ve got 47 chromosomes and you 46; you’ve got one less”

Exactly this extra chromosome causes differences in walking and speaking of Dawn-Syndrome afflicted children compared to the others. Their legs are shorter and they are shorter than the others while being more weighed. Therefore, the need for exercise is more evident in these children.

They exhibit hyperactive behaviors when kept at their homes for a long time. Experts say that assigning Dawn-Syndrome afflicted children to small groups of exercise and game-play and inviting them to active participation in appropriate moving spaces are of high benefit for them.

In Iran, in every 1000 births, 10 births are diagnosed with chromosome abnormalities. Experts predict that in case of pregnancy after 35, there would be approximately 2500 births with chromosome abnormality annually. Experts also believe that putting people with Down syndrome into small groups of exercise and game-play and their active participation in sport and proper moving spaces would be of high benefit. Angels of Wall 47, an Iranian institution dedicated to supporting 47-Chromosome children, have made sports possible for children with Down syndrome through establishing the first-ever down syndrome wrestling, squash, and football team in the world.

By: Javid/Podium Photos