Thoughts of Flight


It was seven years ago when Saeed Ramin, an Iranian professional traceur landed on a mat in an illegal competition and diagnosed with a spinal cord injury on his neck. The injury was so tough that he could only blink and according to his doctors, he could not even sit on a wheelchair.
But he regained some of his ability after rehabilitation at home with confidence and now he sits on a wheelchair. Just one year after the injury, Saeed met “Maedeh” (one of his interns) and married her after 6 years. He and Maedeh believe that one day he will get up from the wheelchair too.
The sport of Parkour became popular in Iran after the 2 Iranian traceurs appeared on the “Jump London” Documentary.
Parkour became illegal in Iran on 2010, rationalized as a High-risk sport.
Despite the stunning performance by the Iranian traceurs on the World Championships in Turkey, the sport still doesn’t have a right administrator in Iran to prevent the irrecoverable damages and injuries with support and professional training.

By: Fereshte Eslahi\Podium Mentor Program